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InMotion is about YOU! We apply our expertise and experience in helping you to bring balance, health, and joy into your life. You choose with our support and guidance what you need. If it is strength, flexibility, relaxation, nutrition, and/or action, we provide you with the best techniques and practices.
Our experience range includes personal training, yoga, pilates, body-sculpting, meditation, guided hikes, adventures in nature, Thai yoga massage,  and so much more.
InMotion is Stefanie Dohrmann, Andre Kunkel, and team.

Our specialization

Personal Training
Guided Adventure Tours

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to create YOUR balance

Stefanie Dohrmann

Stefanie Dohrmann

I love my job, my passion!
Since my early childhood I have been devoted to dance and movement. Since 1996 I am teaching groups for bodystyling, aerobic, spinning, pilates, back training and prevention training. 2004 I started with Yoga under the guidance of Esben Aalvik who said:“ Steffi you need the balance between power and relaxation.“ I am privileged to have learned from great teachers from all over the world.

My first Yoga teacher training took place in Germany already in 2009. I am additionally qualified under the guidance of Young-Ho Kim of in Austria in 2011. As an addition to the already 500hr Teacher Training I was privileged to join the personal training yoga education to specialize in one-on-one training and Thai Yoga Massage.

Another highlight in my education is the certification to be a Supalamic trainer. This education includes Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga as well as SUP fitness training.

The yoga I am teaching is an exciting and innovative style of Hatha Yoga. My Personal training experiences varies from different kinds of people, from kids over everyday people, and include celebrity actors and artists.

It doesn’t matter if I teach people in a group or in an one-on-one training, I love to inspire people with my energy.

André Kunkel

André Kunkel

My personal practice and the way I am teaching is focused on breath, strength, flexibility and relaxation in a balanced way. All aspects are both, physical as well as mental.

I love to teach what I practice and show you the way to a healthy, happy and adventurous Lifestyle.

I am a passionate Kitesurfer since the very beginning in 1999 and been practicing yoga since 2004. I was lead to yoga through disease that was detrimental to my kitesurfing. I took up yoga for relief and healing. Not only did the yoga practice help me to manage the disease, but it resonated with me so deeply that I became a dedicated practitioner almost immediately. My focus and love for the practice progressed from purely physical to spiritual. In 2011 I moved to Cape Town, to pursue my passions of yoga and kitesurfing.

“You can`t change the waves, but you can learn to surf”