I’ve experienced a wide range of Yoga instructors and inmotions classes are so far my favourite. There is a good focus on building strength, on correct breathing technique and on developing balance in the body, also very good for aspiring surfers like me!

Robin Brink Musician (Beatenberg)

Steffi, just amazing to what trainings successes you have motivated me. With 88 years I really thought I must resign myself to my everyday physical paints. You have taught me other: Thanks to your compassionate nature and regularity I can do things that were impossible for me for a long time. My back pains are gone. I feel fit and healthy. What a great gift. Thank you for your persistence and your patience.

Hilde Remmers 94 years old

That I could ever be so addicted to yoga I have to thank Steffi. Thanks to a perfect instructor, I can now things that I never thought possible. Just great.
I enjoyed the morning trainings very much with you. Whether at the beach on the mountain or on the terrace, every time exactly the right exercises. Your unwavering commitment and your humor- pure joy. I thank you from my heart.”

Susanne RemmersCEO

My hike & yoga trip together with Steffi to Table Mountain was just awesome! Her cheerful personality combined with her highly professional attitude made this trip a unique experience for me. Thanks a lot Steffi and hopefully we meet again.